Tips for Hanging Art in Your Home

After selecting the perfect artwork for your home, the next challenge will be to hang your artwork. Below, we have included some helpful tips for hanging art in your home.

Lighting is an important factor when it comes to displaying your artwork. Pictures or groupings that you want to give a bit more attention can be emphasized with lighting. Choose either standard incandescent or low-wattage halogen bulbs. Regular halogen or close direct light could possibly damage the artwork.

  Another aspect of lighting to consider is UV light. You’ll want to protect your artwork from sunlight, as it can cause it to fade. Heat and humidity are also important to avoid.

Finding the correct height to mount artwork can be a challenge. For standard 8-foot high ceilings, most artwork should be hung so that the middle of the picture is about 5 feet off the floor. If your rooms have a higher ceiling, you can hang the artwork a little higher.

When hanging picture above the sofa, it is recommended to leave an approximate 6” to 8”  space between the top of the sofa back and the bottom of the picture.

When it comes to hanging art in a child’s room, consider hanging the pieces at their sightline level. This way your child will be able to enjoy the artwork more when they are able to see it without having to look up. By using open frames or replacing the glass in frames with Plexiglass, you will be able to help avoid dangerous breakage.

Bringing new art into your home is exciting for any art lover. We hope that these tips for hanging art in your home are found helpful.

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