Tips for Purchasing Your First Piece of Art from a Gallery

Purchasing your first piece of art can be a challenging and even overwhelming experience, but it can also a wonderful one. If you are ready to finally start your art collection, then a few tips may be able to assist you during your first art purchase.

  • Start by deciding what kind of art you like. Get a sense of what your personal tastes are. Begin by seeing a wide variety of art. This will help to familiarize yourself with artists, styles and various periods.
  • Next, set yourself a budget. Establish just how much you are comfortable spending on your art piece. If you find a piece that you absolutely love, its okay to go over the budget a bit, but the last thing you want when purchasing your first piece of art is buyers remorse.
  • It is important to understand the factors that affect the price of a piece. Rarity, medium, period, and primary vs. secondary market are all important factors to understand when considering a piece.
  • Finally, consult an appraiser or experienced collector about the value of a piece you are considering purchasing. This can help make sure that you are receiving a fair price.

At Lyn Segal Fine Art, we have a passion for art and we hope that these tips help to make the experience of purchasing your first piece of art from a gallery one that is both positive and exciting.

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